Thanks for the review! I appreciate it! Now I'm listening to your song. Which of the 3 guys is you (unless you wish to be anonymous)? This sounds quite professional! I'm assuming you used some sort of software on this? What is it? Everything sounds very good! Was it tricky to get a gig like that?
Hey aaron, thanks. My name is in the bottom of the description. For the softwares i use a couple from EWQL.
As for the job, i originally was a concept/design artist for them when i heard they were looking for a composer, so i sent them a couple of tracks i'd done and they hired me for the soundtrack as well.
I think it's cool with the marching drums in the intro (and the other parts of the song where it shows). To me it sounded maybe more like build up music before a battle than an actual battle scene. On the other hand I could easily see this in an adventure game.

Very well done, and like I wrote on your other thread, it would be cool to hear it recorded with a real orchestra.
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Brilliant mate, sound very professorial! You clearly got a huge talent in arrangement.

My best critique I can offer is that I have no real critique, this tune is perfect for the job in hand!

Keep up the good work

oh my goodness, i am blown away AGAIN! You have serious talent, i think i already subscribed to you. You have some seriously good things going on with all of your music O:
Thanks alot !

Cyberbob -> i was already critiquing yours the other day while you were critiquing mine. ;P