before you guys say anything, yes, i like some of the effects that come with vegas pro 10. i love their graphic eq, gating, and a few other things.

my problem is this:

i have the full version of vegas. when i open vegas and try the effects there, it says i have the regular effects. no surprises there.

when i try to use the same effects in Reaper, it says DEMO beside the name of the effect, and i get a digital "stutter" as i like to call it. every two seconds or so, it gives me a horrible digital squeal. this is for all sony effects. i have used them on my laptop and they work just fine there. i recently got a more powerful PC and will be doing my recording on this now. i reinstalled everything, and transferred the things i couldn't through an external hard drive. i have no idea why, but the sony effects just aren't working with reaper on my pc. they work on the laptop.

i try to rescan the cache, try adding the sony folder into the VST select bar, etc but nothing seems to get rid of this demo version of the files. i've also reinstalled reaper and tried doing factory settings reset.