Any advice on what I should look into buying? I'm starting to build my own pedal board, and this is what I have so far:

Boss Looper > CS-3 > BD-2 > Big Muff

I'm looking to get another overdrive pedal or distortion pedal for rhythm, and then being able to use my BD-2 on top of it for solos. Should I do it like that, or the other way around? I'm going for a blues-rock tone.

What else should I look into getting? I'm thinking about a Wah pedal and eventually an octave pedal, but I'm not sure where to begin.

Also, what do you guys do for actual pedal boards? I'm debating if I should just get a plywood board, because the manufactured boards are expensive.

I'm a big advocate of the DIY board. A piece of wood or metal or whatever with velcro on it, and a 1-spot, is just as good as a powered pedal board for less then half as much. Big Muff!!!!