So, I'm mainly a guitarist. But I play a little drums. I'm certainly no Neil Peart, but I can keep a beat and do some cool little tricks here and there.

Now normally, I'm not determinded to learn stuff on drums. I just play how I like it, even it's not close. But I'm pretty determined to learn Tom Sawyer (by Rush) the correct way. My drummer and his dad can play it 100% perfect and they always show it off and now I wanna play it :P

So, I know the basic layout of the song. I can easily keep the 16th notes going, no problem. I've got the bass and snare memorized, no problem. Getting the crashes in the right spot isn't too hard. My trouble is all the rolls.

As a "drummer", I'm terrible at rolls. I always wanna gallop across the toms. I just can't get 'em right. Can anyone help me on rolls in general or the particular rolls on this song? It would be greatly appreciated.

Also, any other tips, tricks, or advice for Tom Sawyer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
Slow it down and play it to a metronome. Make sure you get the sticking pattern correct and keep practicing them until you can play them with your eyes closed and backwards.
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Just focus on developing the speed of your hands, really. And for that, there is nothing better than a metronome. Since by your own admission you're not much of a drummer you could just use an online metronome or something. As long as you push yourself, play with the correct technique and are aware of your own limits, then you can see good results within a rather short period of time if you work on it for about 30 minutes, every day.

From what I recall, the tempo of that song is approx. 85 bpm, maybe a few bpm faster or slower, but yeah, 32nd notes at that tempo translates to 16ths at 170, which really isn't very fast in the grand scheme of things and is a speed that is easily achievable, especially for single strokes.
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