When do they come out?! I would have thought namm in January but nope, so when? And what colours are you hoping for?
I don't think they're any different from the old ones, actually. Fender's putting their developing focus behind their humbucker-equipped lines (i.e. Blacktop and Pawn Shop), and the Standard models are the same as last year's (I think).
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my Jim Root start is supposed to be ready end of may.

I played a black top telecaster and it was really nice actually.
The Blacktop series have about the most lifeless necks I've ever felt. However, they're targeted to the hard rock / metal community, so I suppose it's fitting.
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Speaking of which, what's the word on the Blacktop series?

Blacktops feel like Standards with humbuckers. The Strat, Tele and Jag feel really generic but I played a Blacktop Jazzmaster and the combination of the jazz neck pickup and the humbucker bridge pickup was one of the coolest sounds I'd ever heard. They suffer from the same QC issues as standard Fenders (i.e. the ones at your local Guitar Center probably fret out on the high E all the way up the neck, like that Jazzmaster does). I think it's a pretty good line, though.
Gibson ES-137C
Parker P8EN
AC Custom Special P Bass