what should i get? i already have been playing guitar for like 5 years i just want to try something differant for fun
mandolin. more unique sound. You can go straight to k´country parts XD.

ukulele is for fat hawaian people :-P and its only good for a intrument you wanna take it everywhere...


I'll just add this; don't buy the cheap ukuleles. They'll have awful intonation (and you won't be able to adjust them), so buy a good £50+ for something that'll sound nicer and feel nicer.

Ukuleles are generally softer sounding
Mandolins have that nice octave effect and shine through anything.
Both are good fun.

It's like saying "mini 12 string or mini classical"
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
I've got both... Generally, the uke is better for song accompaniment; the mandolin for playing lead lines and instrumentals.
However, the uke can be played at very high levels; jazz, solo work, etc.
Of course, so can the mando... I've heard some very nice blues mandolin and of course the work of guys like Jethro Burns is stellar.
Get a mando; they're much cooler. Everybody and his brother plays uke. You can do a lot with either of them, but a mando has an "airier" sound in my experience.
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Mandolins are cooler
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Well, there's 8 of 'em and the tuning machine shafts are pretty close together. Also the knobs are close together and frequently guitar-type string winders are too big and whack the next knob.
Bit of a pain... However, because they're short they seem to last a long time.