Hey, I've been playing for maybe three and a half years now. I've been looking for a band for a very long time and have had no luck at all. I've got decent gear and I'm a decent enough guitarist but there just seems to be no bands at all. I've been to open mic nights/ jam sessions etc but none of them have people my age or that are into the same stuff I am into. This is getting extremely frustrating. How can I go about finding a band? Are there any good websites you recommend (UK)? Thanks guys
Depending on your age (I checked your profile, apparently you're not going to be born for another twenty years aha), look around at other schools/colleges/venues near you and get to know the kind of people are are "into the same stuff" and your age.

The problem with internet is (aside from all the pedophilia and murders and whatnot) that the person you wanna make a band with turns out to live on the other side of the country (which, I guess is fine for writing collabs, but not so much for live gigs). Try putting adverts up in local music shops, cafes, magazines etc
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I'm in Dorset, South West. I'm 19. I've been on Join My Band for God knows how long. The thing with that site is that you can find people, I've found lots of people. They just don't take anything further than just talking. I've never met up with anyone bar one person from that site...
try craigslist?
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But really, to be in a band, you might have to make a stylistic sacrifice. What's more important to you: playing the style you want to, or playing with others? And you can still bring your influence to the band's sound either way.

By the way, this is coming from someone who plays orchestral techno rock I'm joining a hard rock group soon, which isn't really what I do (I compose with the orchestral instruments in mind most of the time, then handle guitar), but it should be fun.

whenever you get with a band, the genre is rarely predetermined. most of the time you just kind of figure it out as you go. however if you really need to play your style, then you may need to hire people to play other instruments.

also out of curiosity what type of music are you planning on playing?
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I found a guy on JMB. He was in the nearest city to me - We met up, really got on and had similar interests, and now meet once a week for band practice with another guy on JMB It took its damn time, I was looking since September, but eventually you'll find someone. I'd say it's easier to find people near cities
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I know the trouble finding band-people, working full time and living far-off from any city can get ya frustrated...
Ive stopped worriing since I started some online collaborations with musicians with similar interests, but thats still a different thing.
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Get your ass to gigs man! All your local shows. Show up. Mingle like crazy. Cook a BBQ at a gig and demand band members...
Get involved with your local scene (there WILL be bandmates waiting) Find your local music schools and ask who's learning what.

either way...GET OUT :P

Also, i found 2 drummers on joinmyband, after talking to over 20. Just keep at it, it's not really that hard work when you take a step back and judge your situation.

Wishing you all the best dude
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