I'll have to say no. The ones I've tried have played terribly and felt like they were going to fall apart. The pickup is garbage, too. I would splurge a bit and go for a Gibson Melody Maker; in my experience they're much better made.
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Can't say I've played one, but aren't P90s wider than humbuckers? So you'd either need to get one of those 'humbucker sized' P90s or do some routing work on the body
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you get what you pay for - i have one which i bought on a whim a couple of years back, and with a good setup it will make a decent punk/grunge/garage rock type guitar if you want a trashy sort of sound, but that's where the usefulness ends - you're not really gonna improve the tone by putting a P-90 in it because it just doesn't have a strong enough natural tone to benefit from a pickup upgrade.

basically unless you're just looking for something cheap to learn on, or something for practicing setting up and modifying guitars, it's not really worth it.

+1 to the melody maker idea - 4-5x more expensive but, 100x better guitar - well worth saving up for
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Fair enough, cheers for the input. Sadly, I've never seen one in any of the local music shops so I've never had a chance to play one.
If you're in the UK, check out Gordon Smith guitars. Their Les Paul copies are pretty good. Not quite as cheap as this Epiphone (around 500 pounds), but I think it's worth the investment. Also, they come stock with either 'buckers of P-90's.

Also, I believe the Melody Maker has a small single coil, not a P-90. I don't know what it sounds like but it looks more like a Fender-style single coil.

EDIT: Or try this one
Mahogany body, set neck, Grover tuners, P-90's. It's closer to what you want and seems like a better quality instrument. The limited edition just looks like a LP Special 2 with one pickup. I think the bolt-on neck and alder body kind of ruin the Les Paul-ness of it.
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