Yes, that name is loaned from that awesome Askin Alexandria tune, but it would be rude say we're just as skillfull as them!

My band, Alerion has played together for about 4-5 months, and we've got two tracks uploaded online, recorded in our bassists livingroom over a couple of hours of fun studiotime! Musically, we take a lot of inspiration from bands like Turdus Musicus and Rammstein, although, we're still trying to define our genre, but for now, calling it just Metal. We feel the metal-scene today is dominated by too many -core genres, and we hope to bring back the traditional, chunky, dual-guitar sound with pounding drums!

Well aware that we aint the most creative bunch of kids, we still love what we do! We're all between the ages 16-18, although our vocalist looks like a blackbearded Jesus, or Charles Manson if you like... Anyways, here's 2 links to our tracks More will come, but please rate and comment

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