i have a guitar with two outputs. one for the magnetic pickups, and one for the piezo.
I'm looking for some kind of special plug, that i can plug into both at the same time, so that i have only one cable running down from my guitar, wich wil later split-up in two female plugs. Then i would like to connect normal jack cables to those, one going to my amp, the other going to a DI-box.

I hope you understand what i mean:P
Does anyone know if that's possible, and if so, where can i find such a plug?

Thanks in advance
two standard guitar cables + duct tape (or electrical tape if you want it to look better) = ?
The flaw in this, is that it can't exist. You would have to include a DI box in the cable or there would be a stupid amount of noise form both pickups.
You'll have to get used to moving that plug a few inches every time you want to change pickups.

Or get a DI box and combine 2 leads with duct tape.
isnt exactly what you want, as it has both male ends. cant find any that goes male to female. you just want a dual cable, and then will probably need a jumper/extension if your di box and amp arent close together.
yeah, thats pretty much it, thanks do those come with angled plugs as well?

Does anyone happen to know how John Petrucci has his guitar connected?
You could just cut the ends off and wire two female jacks on, shouldn't be too hard as nothing special has to be done, just wire 'em on However, I do know that not everyone has a soldering iron and solder, but if you do then maybe have a go at it.
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.