I am wondering which tab for can't stop is most correct? The highest rated tab doesent seem to be the way frusciante plays. I also notice how in the intro, it's just one note at a time, but somehow he strums it all, and it sounds awesome. How is that done? ;O
He mutes most of the strings in his playing technique.

The idea is using 'choppy' style of struming to hit the clean notes indicated on the tab as well as some of teh other muted strings.

Just imagine you were strumming chords, except it's just one note.

You can probably find better guides, I play bass myself and I only know this because a friend of mine is a giant chili's fan and guitarist.

Hope this helps!
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Yea the highest rated tab shows you how to play it the more simple way. What John actually does sounds way more cool. *Whenever you play the main riff of Can't Stop, mute with your left hand every single string you are not playing to get that pluggy sound, and instead of going from 7th fret A string to 5th fret A string, go from 7th fret A string to open D string. Theirs videos on youtube about it if you just search can't stop main riff the first search should be it.