I'm hoping someone on this site has some knowledge about banjos.

So I have this banjo that was purchased by someone in my family a long time ago and one way or another it has ended up in my possession. It's a John Grey and Sons tenor banjo that it refuses to stay in tune (the tuning pegs look ancient)it's also generally not in a great condition but I am really not sure if I should bother restoring it or not. According to the internet the company that made these banjos may have made this banjo around the 1920ish, but the sources and information the company varies. Has anyone been in a similar situation and if so what did you do?

Is it a good idea to get it looked at/restored?
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See if you can find similar tuning pegs that will fit without having to make any modifications and keep the old ones so you can put them back on if you're afraid of it ruining the value.