Hey everyone, first post here! I'm a bedroom musician and aspiring producer from Mexico. I usually write ambient influenced rock or something like that.

I came up with this track a few days ago after listening to a lot of Isis' stuff. Doesn't sound quite like them I think, but I guess there's the influence here and there.


Hope you enjoy it! Feedback and tips and stuff appreciated
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That was actually really good, I was expecting something like deathmetal for some reason. The quality is pretty good, although some parts did sound a bit muddy, but everything was balanced, and I really liked your guitar tone. Good job, and good luck with your producing!
Hey ...

and wow ... very very good ... that was an amazing song ... this song covers nearly everythin i like to hear ...

also the emotional side in this song is realy realy great ... i can not find ANYTHING worse in this not even somethin i dislike ...

your guitar sound is realy good and unique, the drums sound realy natural (sound and playin) the bass is played very groovy and fits in the right frequencies

what should i say sounds, playin, songwritin, everythin TOP NOTCH AWESOME BRILLANT ...

even the length ... hahaha

all thumbs and horns up ... brillant

for c4c things here is mine ... https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1433421

Keep up this great work ... hope to hear more from you soon

Greatz M