OK, basically looking at getting a MM4 Line 6 modulation modeller, used of ebay, and often they don't come with power supplies.

On my current pedalboard I'm running a 1000ma 9v DC daisy chain power supply for my FX loop pedals including a DD20, RV5 and Behringer EQ.

As I understand it the line 6 is still 9V DC but 2.5mm as opposed to 2.1mm and reveresed polarity??

So could I simply use this adaptor

and put that on my daisy chain and power it ok?


No endorsement of Amazon implied, but this is the PS you need. Not sure whether that pigtail you linked would work or not...sorry.
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i used my 1spot and the little adapter that came with it to power a dl4 and that worked
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But people run them off Pedal power 2+ which is all DC right?
Do L6 modellers have to have AC?