I've been using this website to train your ears; it plays a chord and you have to identify which of the listed ones it is. However, I always have trouble distinguishing between diminished and augmented chords. Is there a way I can 'teach' my ears which is which?

The website is here:

Check out my music, if you please.
Dim7 chords are built with the root, minor 3rd, flat 5th and diminshed 7th.

Aug7 chords are built with the root, MAJOR 3rd, augmented 5th and a major 7.

Play the arpeggios until you're used to hearing how the chord is built, and then try playing it in its inversion. The easiest note to hear the difference between dim/aug will be the 3rd.
hello GuitaristXakk,

my advice is this ,
major and augmented are very similar.
so are minor 7th and diminished

(i) start with major and diminished.
(ii) then minor 7th and augmented
(iii) then minor 7th and major
(iv) minor 7th and diminished
(v) augmented and major
(vi) all of the above .

please let me know how you get on !
diminished sounds more deppressed, augmented sounds more electric, imo.
Consider this: Diminished chords are minor thirds stacked on top of another and augmented chords are major thirds stacked on top of each other.