What equipment are you using bro? So I can consider that before i give my recommendations
Everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound.

Sound is the factor which holds it together.
A ux2 and Logic 9. I realize the mix is terrible! When i get off of work tomorrow I'm going to start work on fixing that as well as finish up the one I started tonight. Your recommendations are??
Well to start with, are these VST drums or real drums? If theyre VST you should really look into editing some of those velocities, a tight, solid rhythm section really adds to the solidness of the song. By keeping accents as defined as they can be while keeping the integrity of the riff creates a tighter, more defined overall tone. Often in your snare rolls it sounds like they fade away by the end, and that just makes the snare sound weak and puny.

Kick needs more presence in the mix. Accentuate 5k ish for some click and accentuate 100hz or higher for some more thud. Seperate the Bass and kick EQ's by finding out the resonating fundamental freq of the kick and boost it slightly and run a high pass filter from about 80hz to give it more thud and give room for that bass guitar to live in the sub bass area.

Snare NEEDS more balls, sounds like a little girls hitting it. Really you wanna get it to sound like bloody schwarzenegger's smacking the snare and to do that you need to compress it whilst allowing enough of an attack time (40ms) to allow the transients to ring through. Boost 5k, 1-2k and\or 100-200hz however you feel to give the snare a cetain characteristic.

Cymbals i think are written a bit badly in parts, like on awkward beats and they dont sound confident because of their placement. i say emphasise 10k ish and hollow out the mids if you want them to cut through, but i'm no expert on cymbals.

I'm not a tom guy, i have no idea how to get a good sound with them, but personally i think they sound like they need more body. Dunno how to achieve that but.

With Bass i will start by saying I'm not an expert on it because my bass is shit, so i've never gotten an amazing bass tone. Personally though i'd say it needs to louder in the mix. Give the bass some tops to emphasise the attack and cut out some low mids (500hz ish) and slightly accentuate higher mids (2k ish if i remember correctly) to make the bass blend with the guitar better.

First question did you double track guitars? that's pretty much a must. Using less gain and double tracking makes thing super tight, least makes you play super tight too if you wanna quad track too i'd recommend using 2 as main hard and then experiment with levels and panning of middle 2.

Guitars dont sound very confident or present at all.
This could be a number of things. Did you feel entirely comfortable with all your parts, because thats key to getting a good guitar sound. I think the guitar has too much lows and sounds muddy. cut 200-500hz a bit, that sound get rid of some that mud.
Too much mids imo around 1-2k maybe.

Lead sounds tooooooooooooo quiet and sloppily played.
I'd mainly recommend trying to master smaller mies first the n moving onto more and more instruments. Get the drums mix SUPER tight, then add bass, then add guitar and then any lead parts and you'll be laughing. I've probly missed a fiar bit of stuff but i'm tired so forgive me
Everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound.

Sound is the factor which holds it together.
wonderful critique man! exactly why I joined these forums. It is as the title implies, rough. I need to go back through and re-record certain sections, especially the leads. The guitars are all one track. I have yet to double anything up, this is my project for this evening when I get off of work. Mixing is very new to me, I've only been recording my own music for less than a year now. The complexity of thinking of sound from a 3d perspective is daunting yet fun

As far as the drum sounds go I'm actually going to be installing superior drummer tonight and replace the stock Audio Unit sounds *not called VSTs in logic* with superior drummer. After that I'll go through and google how to do everything you mentioned above as well as go through the mixing tutorial I have on logic. I think between you wonderful people here and my ability to run a google search I can have a decent idea of what I'm doing before to long here.

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