I bought a Sony Handycam last summer to record with when my band plays, just to put some videos on youtube. I have had a lot of problems getting videos up on youtube though. I ended up having to download software to change the format so I could edit the videos, but the free trial expired. So we just recorded a gig and we tried to put it up via Imovie on a mac and we got it all edited but every time we go to upload it it says there's and error but doesn't say what....so I am just wondering if anyone has similar or the same problems and has figured out what to do. or any computer guys who know any software. I thought of buying a sony video editing software because I figure that would make it easier...
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I know realplayer is a good format converter, and so is handbrake. It depends on if what sony formats it to is a normal one, like .wmv or .mov.