I remember a long long time ago, I heard a song by the group Cream on music choice.

This song has a REALLY defining guitar line. I don't remember if it was in the intro or chorus, but it was a really powerful lick. It wasn't "sunshine of your love" So, if I could get some cream fans to blurt out some songs they had with really defining guitar riffs that stood out, that would be awesome.
Layla is the first thing that came to mind.

EDIT!!: And yet, ofcourse, Layla is not a Cream song.
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George Harrison's little riff in the middle of "Badge"?
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Played a Cream of Clapton tribute show. Badge? White Room? Crossroads?
Well that's definitely along the right track! It's a super defining riff like that song has!

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George Harrison's little riff in the middle of "Badge"?

This would be my guess... very distinctive guitar break.

Crossroads and White Room get a lot of play as well, but my money is on Badge (since it's NOT Sunshine of Your Love).
"Tales Of Brave Ulysses"?
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