How do I best practice heavy metal galloping? For example like the gallops in the main riff of Metallica's "Battery" or the beginning of "Holier Than Thou".

How do I best approach this, and does anybody have any advice for me?
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I wanted an answer to be a little more precise. Like if the first pick should be up or down for the gallop to be more fluent and easy to play, or any good excersies to check out.

my gallops always start with a down stroke. just easier for me. just try keeping up, play it over and over again. theres no right or wrong way.
i like to make sure the downbeat is always on a downstroke.it makes it easier to stay in rhythm.
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Practice it with a downstroke and slow at first so you get the feel for it like D-U-D *paus* D-U-D *paus* and so own.

When you master it practiceing with starting on an upstroke might be a good idea aswell, i´ve just started doing that and it opens for some interesting ideas

Good luck!