I'm going to get some new guitar strings for my electric guitar soon. I'm not sure what to get though. Right now I have Dean Markley strings i think theya re the blue steel ones. They are a really thin guage though I think the box said they were 9s. I want something thicker though. I'm thinking about buying some Ernie Balls or something. Anyone have any suggestions?
i always go with elixirs, nice sound and last for a while, also if you want thicker then go up to 10's then if there still abit thin for you go up to 11's next time you need a new set. Hope this helps

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The only way you can find out what strings you like is by trying as many different kinds as possible.
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Be careful going up in gauges. A big jump in string gauge and you may have to re-setup your guitar.
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Buy 10's if you want a thicker guage string. I use Rotosounds because they last for quite a while. When I used to use Ernie Balls, they would rust quite quickly, even though I did wipe them down after every use. But it's all about preference.
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