I recently finished a set of three nocturnes for piano, which I thought it'd be fun to hear what people on here thought about. They're mostly inspired by Chopin, and written mostly for fun and laughs.

While I intend to learn them all, so far the only one I've learned so far is the third, so the 1st and 2nd are midi mock-ups. And even then I rather mess up on the B-section of the recording and don't really bring out the dynamics, but oh well.

All of the nocturnes are uploaded to my profile and should be in order.

I was going for a rather mellow feel with all of them, but especially no.2 & 3 ended a bit "heavy". The third is maybe not exactly a nocturne, either - well, at least, the A section (it's structured ABA) is more or less in the manner of a waltz.

They're written, of course, as individual pieces, but also to be performed/listened to together, and share some common ideas, so any thoughts on how they stick together are much welcome (if you feel like listening to all 3)!

Naturally, if you listen to/write about more than one nocturne, feel free to leave several links for C4C (though maybe not "they all suck" or "they're all nice" and 3 links).

Thanks in advance!

edit: feel free to take a look at the sheet music, it's probably the best way to get an idea of how they're supposed to sound, neither me nor Sibelius MIDI data being that much of piano players. Also sorry for crappy reverb, or rather, me being crappy at using reverbs.
Nocturne No. 1.pdf
Nocturne No. 2.pdf
Nocturne No. 3.pdf
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I've listened to all three, and i can definitely feel the Chopin influence in it. If i had to choose a favorite between the three, it'd be the second one.

One critique i have thought is that you use too much thrills notes, some of them would be better with just two/three quick notes instead of a thrill.

Continuity wise, i felt the second and third transitionned better between themselves than the first and second one.
Yeah, I definately agree that there are too many trills, they become distracting when overused. Otherwise, very, very good, bro. I have no idea what I'm supposed to criticise on this, it's just excellent.