3 years ago, when I still couldn't set up my guitar, I took it to a guitar shop. Left it, and 30mins later went to pick it up. This happened 500km (700 miles?) away from where I am now.

The next set up was made by my old teacher, and that was when he told me that the truss rod of my guitar's neck had the screw missing. He said it was fine I could just get a new one. This has never bothered me, but now, I changed the string gauge (to a lighter one), so my strings are buzzing... tried solving the problem by raising the action on the bridge (LFR, btw), but it didn't work.

I'm not going to the store and have them give me back the screw, so, I would like to ask you people, how does one install a screw on the truss rod? If I wasn't clear, here's a pic explaining what I mean.

That screw...
Thanks in advance.
a slightly bigger picture/ better angle would help... truss rods dont have screws

and if you had heavier strings on it before and the neck didnt bow, then there's probably nothing missing

I doubt any shop would take one out of a squier if they needed it

also, if youre using 9's expect some buzzing on a squier
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The truss is is a threaded rod that runs through the neck. Can't tell by the pic but it appears to be there. If it wasn't you would have had some serious bowing by now.

Look into the hole an see if you see something metallic. Use a 3/16 allen key to adjust
Oh, i forgot to tell this isn't my guitar, just one I found on the interwebz... Anyways, what I mean is the chromed part shown in this truss rod
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have you ever adjusted the truss rod?

Haven't adjusted it in years, heh... At least for this guitar