The tuners on my MIM are really pissing me off.. I wind them that "special way" everyone always posts diagrams of and it still goes out of tune in 4 minutes of playing

Even my squier '51 holds tune perfectly with stock tuners and 12's

These will fit a MIM right? Is there any difference in tuner holes than a MIA strat?

Which set would be Ideal for heavier string gauges?
Sperzel style
Wilkinson 2-hole style
Gotoh true mechanical style

If you can share any experience, thanks!
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All would probably work, but I'd go with sperzel style, you just tighten it down. I had Grover tuners that are like those mechanical ones, they lock with the pull of the string, but the mechanics inside made it wierd putting strings in, thicker gauges could have trouble.

Standard Schaller/Sperzel locking would be fine, I prefer it if anything.
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what do you mean the true mech. locks with the pull of the string?
and those sperzel's, you just tighten the bottom piece with your hand right?
yeah i would assume the true mech, without the screw at the bottom. it locks when its pulled at an angle or something, and the bit at the top can be used to snap the string to restring really quickly.

but thats what might cause a problem, it should be fine, but if your asking which one would be better for thicker gauges, regular sperzels that are tightened up are less likely to cause a problem. and yes thats correct
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How do you like, your mids in the morning?
I just realized I dont even know how sperzels work o.o
Do they clamp the strings, or just tighten the post?

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i would never buy sperzel again. they just break, granted i had the locking ones. it wasnt but a month they lasted. they claimed that it was my faulty installation, my a**, i am not an idiot, layed out the holes, drilled , the slid right in there were no fitting problems. but YMMV
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^ Never had a Sperzel break on my strats.

Back to the TS I like Sperzels but I've a set Schallers on both ESP's they never go out of tune.
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Check your nut, thats often an overlooked cause for tuning problems, and nuts practically never come with slots wide enough for strings bigger than 11's.

As far as tuners go, Sperzel or Schaller.
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I filed the stock nut that came on my MIM strat, but it broke into 4 pieces
I super glued it back together and put some graphite shavings in it

But it seems the slightest touch of the tuner handles change the pitch enough to be out of tune
Is it possibly just the gear ratio?
I also tightened them so theyre really stiff to move

The tuners in question are GFS though, I have a pretty tight budget so I cant shell out $60 for brand name
Is it even worth it?
and what about these?
GFs also =[
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