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Sea Green
5 45%
Dark Orchid
6 55%
Voters: 11.
Paris in a Bottle

I'd give you Paris in a bottle,
but I'm afraid you'd smash it at my feet.
Confused and scared,
I can barely breathe.
If I'm like a stranger,
why would you say you love me?
If you don't have an answer,
then you were lying through your teeth.

I don't notice the glass in my knees.

I'd Rather Age Before Her

I fear her age more than I do my own:
sullen, sinking skin replacing radiant beams,
the firmness now like worn elastic.
If melting my heart was your aim
then you have succeeded,
for even though I have suffered you
I now suffer as a witness.

Bring out the old clothes from the closet;
try on your mothers wedding dress.
The great brightness in your eyes will
reflect back and remind you:
the joy of being a woman is a friend-
and I hope I will be there when she leaves,
because she will.

Please, for the sake of your child,
don't age.
I already did. And it's not as though I personally want to know, but Momie seems pretty intent on finding out. Assuming I wouldn't vote for the poem I prefer and instead decide my vote for some other seemingly pointless reason is a bit of an insult but thanks for the relatively quick reply anyway. Good luck.
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So does you

Oh man.

Vic, you're funny.

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