Hi, I'm changing my Strat neck pickup (again!), and wondered what everyone's favourite is. I'm currently using a Seymour Duncan SSL6, which is absolutely the best single coil I've ever used. It's juicy, hot (13k) and has plenty of bite, but is also has plenty of HUM! Certain stages/lighting create huge noise when the volume pot is up.

I need the same pickup in a noiseless format. It needs to crunch up well and retain clarity.

I've looked on all the manufacturer's sites and can only see Lace Sensor Burgundy or Fender Hot Noiseless as an equivalent, but they're not as hot as the SSL6.
HELP! I'm going mad looking at nonsensical specs.

Thanks. Steve
Check out RockMonkey Guitars - I think Chris does custom made pickups. Send him an email. If not you have pickup manufacturers such as
Bareknuckle Pickups,
Bulldog Pickups,
Shed Pickups,
High Order Pickups,
WolfeTone Pickups,
WCR Pickups etc
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