Holy shit! Is that a metal band in Croydon looking for a Bassist and a Vocalist?!
Damn right it is! We don't have a name, but who needs a name?! Let the mesmerising sounds of the most our brutal ear rape wash over you like the tides of the sea, forever soaking you in the purest metal! And once you've waded into this sound, you'll want to be part of it, at one with the ocean!

So who else is in the band? ****! There's three of us all together, two guitarists who spin the sounds of the soul upon strings of nickel and a drummer who's ability exceeds that of the gods!
Both the guitarists, James and I (Stu), are fairly well advanced in technicality, our ear piercing screeches and over powering riffs will send your soul to another dimension!
Our drummer, Tom, punches out the hardest rhythms, thundering out like an oncoming storm until our practice room falls down from the vibrations!
****! How could you resist?!

Why would you want to be part of us? Because damn it, we ****ing rock! We'll rock you so hard your nan will have flashbacks to the blitz, and that's just the beginning of it! Watch out grandma, the audio blitzkrieg is here!

What are we looking for? Bassist wise we want the of thunder of Thor, the rumble of Vulcan and the anger of a Honey Badger in heat.
For a vocalist we need someone who can win the crowd's hearts with their rapacious energy and shatter their bowls with dynamic vocals!
Both Bassist and the Vocalist have to be round about between 18 and 25 so that we can all get drunk in the pub after practice and gigs, beer and music go hand in hand!

What are our influences? **** INFLUENCES, We do our own shit, who wants to sound like some other band?!

All five of us together: Lead Guitar, Rhythm guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals, With our powers combined we are Brutal Metal, Arghhhhhh!

Contact James on 07956262187 or contact me at s.price@live.co.uk if you want to try out with us!

**** it, we're probably going to call ourselves Grandma's Audio Blitzkrieg!