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I tan all over more or less easily
59 28%
I can tan, but with some difficulty
31 15%
I get a partial tan (like a farmer's tan)
39 19%
I can't tan
36 17%
I don't want to tan
44 21%
Voters: 209.
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Sun is here and I'm sure (actually not that sure) that more people than me have been outside. Who got a farmer's tan? Or none? Or anything? This is a sad guy showing his farmer's tan:

I got a farmer's tan so far, concindentally yesterday at a farm. Poll will be up soon.
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I usually make a point to not get a farmers tan, either by not wearing a shirt or by rolling the sleeves up!
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I've had a tan since a very early age, like...2/3. But my chest and legs are really pale cause I don't get them out often (my town is always grey'n'gloomy. Like Midgar, only boring)
I typically get a bit of a farmer's tan. I don't intentionally try to tan or anything like that.
I stay the same as soon as the burn leaves. Kinda sucks.
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i do tan relatively easily, but i always end up with a farmer's tan because i always have my shirt on and I don't swim that often
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Don't tan at all. Holidays are pretty awkward for me - everyone lying out working on their tans for hours on end, while I sit under a tree listening to my MP3 player and exchanging sympathetic nods with passing gingers.
I get a sexy medeteranian tan.
Although I'm never outside.

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I tend not to go outside, but when I do I tan quite well.
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I tan very easily. Also I am already tan. I've never burnt before. I like to lay out in the sun and fall asleep.
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I luckily wasn't cursed with typical Irish skin. I tan quite well.. it does require some sunshine though, that tends to be lacking here.

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I tan when I venture outdoors in the summer. It lasts a year till the next summer, then I become white. Then I turn mexican again.

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I seem to have skin that is impervious to the Sun. I do tan, but I don't exactly go native or anything, but I don't burn very easily either.
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I tan lightly here and there. My complexion is already brown-ish.
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I hate people that can get tanned.

I turn get burned up, and I look like a fucking lobster.
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I tan easily. But I also burn in strong sun if I'm not wearing suncream.
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I'm pretty white, can get a little tan, but it goes away quickly. Lame.
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Don't tan at all. Holidays are pretty awkward for me - everyone lying out working on their tans for hours on end, while I sit under a tree listening to my MP3 player and exchanging sympathetic nods with passing gingers.

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I don't tan....I burn

This. It hardly takes anything for my skin to just burn to a crisp and then peel away extremely painfully a few days afterward.. And then I'm back to my pale skin. It's so damn painful, too.. If I haven't gotten that message across yet.
I get farmers tan, but I dont purposely tan or anything, I just burn. I hate beaches and pools, its just when im out walking or whatever. Im whiter than the dumpster behind a paper plate factory.
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Can't really tan, but I burn veeeeery easily.
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I have the skin tone of a ginger, but have dark hair. I burn so easily Last year I was stuck in bed for 3 weeks after burning the back of my legs despite wearing factor 30 sun screen It was agony and I couldn't walk. Was awesome when it all peeled though!
Kjell, why do you have a picture of a Mormon missionary as your sad face farmers tan guy?

OT: I don't tan. :/ If I do, it's not enough where the farmers tan is serious enough.
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