If it's in a case it's less likely to get damaged from other things.
But it doesn't really matter.
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
Depends. Do you have clumsy people/children/pets in your home that could come along and do damage to your guitar? If not then by all means leave it on a stand. Otherwise I would put it in a case to keep it safe.
it's safer in a case. if you put it on a stand it could get knocked over, and if it's a gibson, or something with a similar headstock design to gibson, that usually means broken headstock.
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Lean it against your amp just kiddin' I usually put the guitar or bass back in it's gig bag (mind you it's not really a case) if I think I'm not going to play or I know I shouldn't play (i.e. my parents just told me to shut it down) or I just randomly put it on a stand or lean the top of it's headstock on a bookcase or something (I've learnt not to lean them with the contact point being on the neck). Up to you, if you're at home it shouldn't get damaged anyway.
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I recommend putting it in the case, just as a precaution - unless the room is perfectly safe (pets, children, wind, idiots) or you find it terribly annoying having to get it in/out each time.
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i keep them all in the cases when not in use.. i rather be safe then sorry. yes it takes a few more secs to get it out of the case but rather those few secs extra then have it be busted....
I keep mine on a stand, I'm the only one who ever comes into my room, and I'm usually not that clumsy, plus my stand is usually pretty stable. I might put them in their cases though if I know I'm going to be coming home drunk.
you could get a wall hanger that locks the guitar in place? I have mine in it's case at the moment, but just because I haven't gotten around to putting up a hanger (just moved house). If its hanging on your wall it should be pretty safe if you get a secure hanger, plus it gives you more room on your floor, and looks pretty hanging on your wall