I have an old Sears Silvertone stack, which is 4 ohms, and I have a Marshall VS100 head, and I'm not sure whether it has 8 or 16 ohms. If the head were 8 ohms, would it work with the 4 ohm cab? What if it's 16 ohms? And if it couldn't work, how could I rewire it so it could work?
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Always use the same impedance. Some say that you can use a smaller impedance on the head if absolutely necessary, but your setup is probably going to cause damage as the cab is the lower value.

You might be able to rewire the speakers in the cab to give a higher rating. Check the Celestion website for diagrams.
the VS100 has a solid state power section, there is no output transformer to match up to. the output of the power section is hooked directly to the speaker and a minimum impedance must be observed.

Quote by handbook

3. & 4. Loudspeaker Jacks
For connection to external loudspeakers. The
minimum operating impedance for the VS100R, VS100H
& VS102R is 4 Ohms.

says the min impedance is 4 ohms. so anything 4 ohms or higher will suffice (of course, the lower the impedance of the cab, the more volume you'll get from it).

in other words, TS should be fine running the 4 ohm cab with his VS100.
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