Basically, I have been playing with my band for a while now and have been gigging a Vox AD100VT combo. Don't get me wrong, its sounds decent enough at home, but I just feel that when we play live and even in practice, it just doesn't quite cut through well enough. Its suffered quite a few battle scars cosmetically (all the handles have torn off, worst design ever) and won't be worth all too much I don't think. To get funds i will be getting a job and potentially selling gear (microkorg , pedals, etc) and probably going to aim around the £400-£550 mark.
I play a Fender Lite Ash tele as standard, as well as my much worked epiphone sg with duncan invader/59 pups. I am the rhythm guitarist and the best way to describe our sound is on here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stealing-The-Process/163305207054118?sk=app_2405167945 . Heads are desirable in terms of transport, especially things like the Hayden mofo and Orange dual terror, but combos are more than welcome. Thanks a lot guys
Marshall DSL combo. Or an Orange sounds like it would be very much up your route. Your sound isnt that 'heavy' so a lot of amps will be viable at that point. If you don't already have a cabinet - then at your price range I'd look for a combo. I'm not to familiar with prices in the UK so I can't recommend a ton of stuff.
Traynor ycv 50 blue. I think thomann or someone is selling them at around that price.
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yah the traynor, the jet city 50 watt combo could be worth a look too.


There is 1 at andertons for 549.
Not the biggest fan of 2x12 combos myself but this is worth a look. Not as much gain as the 50 watt heads as far as i know. Since it uses the soldano crunch circuit.
Hayden Mofo will nail that, trust me. I just got the Mini Mofo and it seems almost catered to hard rock. I'm probably going to do a NAD thread soon with some clips if you wanna hear it.

The Traynor's a good shout as well, if you're after a combo

Check out Laney VC30. I have the VC15 and I think the VC series can do hard rock sounds nicely.
Thanks a lot for the responses guys! All the amps seem good suggestions, I don't know a lot about the Traynor but it seems to crop up all the time with positive remarks. If it helps tone wise, the lead in the band plays a DSL100 head through a mr1936 cab Also, scanning the forums, I came across converting an old combo to a cab, would this be worth a try with my current amps standard Vox speakers? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1068679
Get a used JCM 800 dual channel.
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Traynor ycv 50 blue. I think thomann or someone is selling them at around that price.

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