Hey guys,

I've been working on sweeping recently and have almost gotten down three-string and five-string sweeps, etc. I'm just wondering how I can incorporate these sweeps/arpeggios into my lead playing and soloing.

There's not really any way to answer this question. You just do. This is like asking how you incorporate scales into your soloing. It's just another skill in your arsenal.
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Off the top of my head look up Doomsayer by Darkest Hour. In fact: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssY_GT5HDRo THAT, is how you do it. Else, Jeff Loomis from Nevermore...is God of sweeps in good solos.

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Learn solos that have sweeps in them and see how they are incorporated in them.
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does the solo you work feel like it would be better with some (or maybe alot of) sweeping?

if yes try it till you find what works for you, for ideas on how to find those listen to a bunch of solos with sweeps.

if no, then don't worry about it. personally when I write lead, I rarely decide that I should use this technique or that one for this solo, instead I just try a few different things, and then listen and decide what needs to be changed or what techniques would probably sound better in certian spots. basically I find it much more restricting to decide that a solo needs to have certian techniques before actually playing it....
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