My parents are out of town for the next few days, and apparently forgot to do laundry before leaving. I don't like the idea of wearing dirty clothes, so I need your help.

I know some of you probably just came here to tell me that it isn't rocket science, but it ****ing is.

Basically, I don't want to ruin any of my clothes, and just wanted to ask for any relevant wisdom that you may have. Any mistakes you've made? I'm prone to stupid mistakes (asking The Pit how to do laundry hopefully isn't one of them), and just hoped you all could inform me of anything that may help, or any relevant mistakes you've made in the past that I could avoid.

And yes, I'm aware that I am a helpless little manchild; you do not need to tell me.
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First off seperate your colours from the whites..
Oh and anything that isn't machine washabled (just in case) take that out
Most of the times you can stick your stuff in on a 30 and youll get away with it just remember to add the cleaning agent...
1) Put clothes in washing machine
2) Insert detergent
3) Turn knob or whatever and hit go

Pretty simple.

You can do it man, I believe in you.
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Separate your whites and your colors and you're golden.

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-put your clothes into the washing machine.

-Check if there is a specific place to use the laundry detergent.

-If you find a place specifically for that, put detergent in there, if not, just dump it in the wash with your clothes. Only use enough for one load. Pour the detergent into the cap, if should have numbers indicating the amount of loads. If not, just fill it not quite half way.

-Move the dial to regular wash or cold wash. Just make sure you wash with cold water to avoid your stuff shrinking. So, normal wash, cold water.

-Push the button to start or move the dial to that area and close the lid.

EDIT: I do all my colors together and have never had a problem, You might want to not do that, though. your call.
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Quote by Rufusftw
First off seperate your colours from the whites..
Oh and anything that isn't machine washabled (just in case) take that out
Most of the times you can stick your stuff in on a 30 and youll get away with it just remember to add the cleaning agent...

This but make sure you let some of the water fill up. (I like to use cold water so it doesn't shrink. I use really hot water for socks and underclothes.) After some water is in put in your detergent and fill the little cup at the top with fabric softener. Let it take it's cycle and boom, you're done. I like to reserve the bleach for socks though.
This thread is hilarious! I did mine this-morning. As long as you don't put the whites with the colours you'll be fine. I usually do a warm wash; use plenty of washing powder/detergent. Also, don't over fill the machine (pack too many clothes in at once). Good luck.

And DONT! put woolen items in unless you know what you're doing or something stupid like a leather jacket.
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Best thread this week.
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Make sure you put all your delicates (bras,g-strings and thr like are in one of those mesh bag things so tey don't get wrecked).
I'm just doing my laundry lol

1)Alright, start off by splitting the clothes into 3 groups: Colors, Whites, and Darks
2a) Make sure all the clothes are machine washable, get rid of the delicates
2b) CHECK YOUR POCKETS! Make sure nothing's in them....trust me you don't want to skip this step.
3)Get detergent and Fabric Softener
4)Take a look at the washing machine and see all the dials. Normally I wash my clothes on the Regular Cycle with cold water(blacks)
5) Start the cycle and get about half a cap/cap-full of detergent(depends on whether it's concentrated or not)
6) Wait until it's about halfway full with water and then pour the detergent in. Mix it in real well and start putting the clothes in.
7) Let the cycle run and when it drains completely AND then begins to refill to add the softener to the mix(how much you add is preference, but about a cap full will be alright more makes it smell better/cleaner)
8) Let it finish
9) You have now washed your clothes, put them in the dryer and you should be ok

Hope that helps
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1. obtain net and hair care products
2. walk outside
3. place hair care products near a bush
4. hide in said bush with the net
5. a woman should eventually walk by
6. said woman will stop to pick up hair care products
7. capture distracted woman with net
8. force her to do your laundry
9. ???
10. profit!
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Just throw everything in the washer and use a ton of bleach. A TON of bleach.
1. light a match..

i think you can figure out the rest
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I shall make this as simple as I possibly can.

Or just shower with your clothes on.
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1)call girlfriend

it works but I dont trust anyone else to do my laundry without ****ing it up.
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Assuming you're washing just your basic t-shirt and jeans (casual) type of clothing, you're going to need to use hot water. Fill it about halfway with clothes, set to large/x-large load size (if you have top loading (if front loading fill about half-3/4) and turn on a normal cycle. If you have All x2 or x3 detergent us about a half lid of that and pour on the clothes or in the little tray before you start (again, it depends on your washer.) Once theyre done, take them out, put them in the dryer for 10-15 minutes, and then hang them up to dry after that.

Oh yeah, and try to separate your lighs and darks if possible. I.e. don't wash your white shirt with your new red shirt.
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