I have serially been looking into getting a looper pedal, and have decided on the 'jamman solo' by digitech. For me, this is about NZ$399, and I don't really want to go though eBay or whatever and save 150$ because then I can't return it or I might loose it in shipping.
So the question is: What could I get instead of a looper?
(this means anything. Ipad. New amp. Laptop. Anything.)
You don't NEED any of it.

However, if you were considering a looper, which is a great tool for practice, why would you be considering something different. It sounds like you are just looking to spend money, to spend, instead of actually getting something you willlll use.
Squier Strat
Behringer Fuzz
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I do want a looper, and I think that it will be a great tool to have if a band isn't readily available. I'm really just looking for alternative options to getting one to prove to myself that it is the best available thing that I could get at the moment. I think a new amp may be a future prospect for when I really need a new one.
Yea anyway thanks for your input guys.