I've been trying to solo more but I don't know the scales for a six string bass! It's really just the bottom string that's giving me trouble. I need to start practicing and giving myself a new bass solo style but it's hard when I know little about this girl... So can anyone let me know where I can find the scales, cause for some reason everywhere I look shows me 7 string guitar scales instead...
Fair enough.
learn your theory. learn the notes on the fretboard and learn all the intervals in your scales. any 4 string player with an acceptabe amount of theory should be able to pick up a 6 string bass and go with it.

that said, i will help as to not be a dick about things. look at those 7 string guitar scales. they should be for beadgbe tuning yeah? just take the notes on the highest pitch b string and scoot it down 1 fret. after that erase the high e line and you will have 6 string bass scales.
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