I have a Gibson LP Studio I play for recording and at gigs, but it's stashed at our band's studio about an hour or so drive away. I need something cheap that I can practice with when alone at home that will give me the same LP feel. Not that worried about the sound I just need to rehearse by going through the motions if you know what mean.

Can anyone recommend a cheap LP takeoff that will feel (if not sound) like the real Gibson? I've looked at the Epi 100's and Jr's and I thought about getting one of them, but I've noticed lots of other take off brands that look like they may be a better choice to get the same weight and feel of the neck. Anyone have any advice? Obviously this guitar will never leave the house so I don't want to drop more than about $150.
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To the classifieds!!!

seriously, a guitar that retails for $150 new isn't going to feel like your guitar. I would suggest hunting for an LP copy of sorts on local classifieds. play before you buy!

Just a suggestion. It won't be amazing by any means, but I guarantee anything you get from Rondo will sound and feel better than other guitars in it's price point. Stretch you budget out another $75 and you could even get stuff on this page:
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This. Deffinately go for the Douglas Shadow or SX Callisto but if you can afford to fork up a little extra the Agile Al 2000 is worth it for $225 and from my experience it will play every bit as good as the $350+ epiphones.
Nothing else will sub for your guitar. No 150.00 imported guitar will not come close. What is the reason you do not take the guitar back and forth?

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Epi' Special II isn't really like a typical Les Paul by construction but it's good enough a guitar for it's price which is around the 150$
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One of the things I dont like about my Epi SpII is that is a flat top. I didn't know that before I bought it, only after playing it for a while, like many hours, more than you would ever play at a store. Although I have a some LP style guitars, I dont find them comfortable to play because of how they rub against my right forearm. (hence the hacksaw job on my Epi) I think my Mann is a bit better, and maybe its because its an arch top. Of course, strats are for cuddling.
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Why is it so hard to carry a guitar home with you after practice?

+1 I never leave my guitars at my practice space only amps and a PA
I wouldn't recommend anything cheaper than this. http://www.rondomusic.com/callistocustwr.html

Not having a set neck is going to just kill having that "same feel" for you. Bolt on LP guitars are abominations, when it comes to feeling like the real thing.
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probably said before..but you can usually find a used Epi lp on craigslist for aroud 100-150...
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Yeah a used Epi LP Standard or Studio is your best bet. There's always a few for sale in any area and it costs less for more than any of the copies on Rondo. Buying new Epis aren't worth looking at but buying used there's nothing that really matches the value.
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Why is it so hard to carry a guitar home with you after practice?

Mostly lazy I guess lol, but it also often ends up being a situation where our trailer is loaded up with everything ready to go to a show and I'd like to spend the night before practicing, know what I mean?
Check out "thelastplaceyoulook" on YouTube, iTunes and [url="http://facebook.com/thelastplaceyoulook
Thanks for all the recommendatiosn guys, I'm gonna check a couple out!
Check out "thelastplaceyoulook" on YouTube, iTunes and [url="http://facebook.com/thelastplaceyoulook