Hey UG, I tried making some core today. I don't know if I'm entirely happy with it, but to me it's not too bad. Any feedback/criticism would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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sounds pretty corey - you got all the staples in there (and well most hardcore songs sound kinda similar glad/sadly ;p)

think i liked the outro most, but i would drop those palm muted notes in that section!
It's not bad but I don't know why you're writing core now, you're around 10 years too late. It's not that bad though considering what you were going for, could have used some leads and harmonization and slightly better drums.
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Intro: Alright riff, but the octave parts sound a bit thin. Id try to have the other guitar play a powerchord an octave below to thicken the sound out. Then the second time the riff plays, Id have a guitar play a harmonizing octave part.

Verse 1: Alright riff. I wouldve had a drum fill in bar 11 leading into a bass hit in bar 12, or something life that though.

Verse 2: Good riff, although that pinch is off in track 1, should be a B, so it sounds very off in the song.

asdasblagh: First bar is good, then I think the second shouldve been different, like a hammer on riff of some sorts, it doesnt sound good going back to that powerchord. Also, I would probably use a different interval for the harmony.

Breakdown: meh, its a breakdown. Pretty good, generic, but again, those octaves should be harmonies! Id lower one of the tracks down or add a higher one, whichever would work. When it continues into the Brootal part, Id gotten a bit tired of it, Id ditch it before that, try adding a lead or something.

Outro: Pretty good! Needs some drums obviously, but could sound pretty epic, especially with some double bass coming in at bar 85.

Overall: Well first of all, it needs some bass! But looking past that (and the drums werent that great), the riffs were decent, although maybe a bit generic. Theres definitely a few things Id do differently. Not huge things, but theres a lot of minor things you could change if you worked on it more.

I took a listen. Here's my take:

Intro: I'm with Mustard here. The riff is Ok, but it could be better. The octaves on their own are a little thin sounding. A harmony or a powerchord would thicken that up. I would suggest a harmony aside from the third, since you use that one a lot in here as it is and the sound of diatonic third harmonies is so abused in metal and 'core that it's just become boring to listen to.

Verse 1:
The first bar (10) is Ok, but the second (11) is boring with the straight open notes for more than half the measure. The riff is better when the two guitars come in, but using that open C string as a pedal tone gets old. I changed the pedals to follow the chord progression in the outro and it sounds 100% better.

Verse 2:
The same deal as above. It works alright with the open string, but by changing that to be an actual chord progression, the riff sounds a lot better to me.

The melodic bit works well in the first measure of this, but the second measure needs to be something different. I changed it to be a more rhythm focused measure and the melody worked a lot better for me. The second time around, you harmonized by fourths, which was a little unexpected and weird sounding, but I left it alone, aside from adapting that second measure to be more rhythm friendly.

Very generic sounding. The straight chugging doesn't do it for me. It's really dull sounding and while it promises to be "br00tal as fvck", it doesn't deliver.

Decent enough and an interesting change from the stuff so far except for one thing: starting at measure 72 and every four bars thereafter, you close a decent arpeggiated riff with badly placed chromatics. They don't sound good at all, but I left them where they were. Because I was curious to hear how it would sound, I added some rough drums in at the end to build into those closing bars. You can hear the results for yourself.

core1 (1).gp5
Well, it was definitely core. A bit standard throughout really.

Intro is alright, as others said, having one guitar playing some other octaves to give it a fuller sound would be great.

Verse riff 1 is pretty standard metalcore. No real opinion on it. Just bland to me.

asdasj part is sick IMO. What I think would make it perfect though is instead of a lower harmony, do a higher one on the second guitar. Would be saweeeeet.

Breakdown: Yeah, that's a breakdown. That's about all, haha.

Outro has potential, I feel there should be a slight speed up in the tempo, but that's all.

Overall, rather basic, but there are some highlights, mainly the asdaj thing and the outro. Not bad though, there are people who love stuff like this, I'm just not one of them, haha.

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