So two things: 1. I need some advice on working on my lyrics; and 2. I have some stanzas and lines I'd like some review on

I've been struggling with music composition for a LONG time it seems. But I've found some home in my lyrical writing; however, I've hit a stump . Recently I've been making my lyrics based on random lines that I come up with at times, some good in my opinion, and put it into one of the MANY songs I've been working on. But I just had about a week to work on lyric writing; and no dice. I can't sit down and actually work on my lyrics; sometimes I try to work on one song and get another one started (this applies to both my lyric writing and guitar/song writing). I'm trying to find powerful lyrics that relate to my personal take on these issues and themes but I can't seem to get the message across. I've been trying to work on my abilities as a musician but there is only so much I can work on alone at my level and with the time I have.

In short; what can I do to stay focused and get in the mind/mood set for a song? Rarely I successfully get into the mood for a song on anger (it's metal/hardcore? so that's the usual take) and when I get into the mood for a depressing song; I can't focus on just one thing (that's related to other things that I will not go into). I really am trying to dig down to find the emotion behind my lyrics and it's sorta difficult to match that up with my guitar playing, but I want to see what steps I can take to improve and HOPEFULLY get a full "demo" song done with at least my vocals and guitar. (Drums are another issue which I do not think I can resolve without playing with a drummer)

And now for some of my "handy" work. Again, I have A LOT of song ideas going (I've literally planned to write 3 or 4 albums before ever writing one complete song...uh oh); so I'm going to the only song that I actually have excess lines for since I'm all over the place with this one. (I'd post lines from my other song ideas, but I JUST remembered the one song-one thread rule).

Also I'm not exactly done with it in terms of arrangement/order as well so take that into note. I've recently gotten into A Day To Remember and so I'm taking an approach like them (at least from what I've looked into): direct relation with the subject, light use of metaphors and similies, but using imagery not to describe setting but the situation and feeling.

Your the Best Mistake I Ever Made

I, know it's not your fault
For all this violent confusion
I, know that you can see only an outline
Of the real me, you barely know me

I know I'm not worth the time
But I'll never let you go
Your the one thing I wont let go

The easy part is to forget,
But the hardest part is leaving behind
All these undiscovered feelings
The similes you brought to my eyes
I can't let you go

The self doubts that I made
The new plans that I made
To finally become the person
That I wanted to be
All because of you

There is no happy ending for me
That's because I can't believe
That there's any chance in hell
Nor any chance in heaven
That you would look towards me
The same way I look at you

There is no happy ending for me
Don't make someone a priority
If they only make you an option
Look at me the same way I look at you

Maybe it was all a mistake for us to ever meet
Maybe it was all a mistake for me to ever dream

If I said that I missed you, would you even care
Because it doesn't matter if you forget me
You'll let me disappear but I wont
Your not going to get rid of me so easily

It doesn't matter what I try to think
Your not going to get rid of me so easily
Because one fact remains:
Your the best mistake I ever made
Alright well :

Lyrics are good (like really they are) you don't have to change them the last line is good for the title lol.
Before i say anything i just wanna say that this is strictly from my personal point of view as a songwriter.
Never, EVER set out deadlines for yourself when it comes to writing songs. I cant stress that enough, as soon as you do that you'll keep worrying about that you have to hit the deadline and won't focus as much on your actual music and enjoying it.
Just let it flow all out smoothly, no worries, no rush.
Feeling uninspired? listen to some music - different music, outside your box even, that always helps me encourage to continue when i feel ****ing lazy.
When writing lyrics, dont expect to keep them all - in fact be prepared to cross some out further down the line when you try to improve your songs; and adding more lyrics for that matter. That being said don't expect all your songs to be hits, so don't be so dogmatic in your songwriting and lyric ways.
Don't be scared to borrow ideas when creating songs, not plagirizing but getting ideas, it's how all songs really are created - influences y'know?

Cheers and good luck
remember im saying this as personal way of songwriting of mine, you'll learn your own if you jsut keep playing and listening to music
DONT set deadlines!!!!!!!