More specifically, I was wondering if the Peavey 430 4x12 Cab would be a good fit, the research I have done indicates the 6505 loves the V30 speakers, which the 430 has, but is there perhaps a slightly cheaper option that I have overlooked, or should I save up and get a slightly more expensive cab? I am a poor college student so I cant blow too much $$$.

Also, for whatever it is worth (probably not a whole bunch), my band is a metalcore/deathcore act with some splashes of prog.
Peavey cabs aren't very good IMO. Do you have a budget? Would you settle getting a 2x12 instead of a 4x12?

Take a look at avatar cabs, they're pretty cheap but sound great.
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Budget? Without this, my default response is Orange 412 with v30s

lol mine is orange 412 with K100s but yea.

even for 500 you can get a good deal, i got an old mesa cab that sounds amazing for 400$ by looking off kijiji, check local listings like that for general 4x12s or 2x12s.

personally, id avoid any marshall with g12t-75 speakers or any companies like bugera randall and such.

imo youre best bets are: orange, mesa, avatar, acoustic mills, port city, emporer cabs.
(the last 3 will be nearly impossible to find on a 500$ budget, and going used is probably your best bet)
Hey guys thanks for all the advice. So my range (ideally) would be no more that 600, however, I am willing to send a little more time saving up if it will make that much of a difference.
Anyone have an opinion on the Avatar G412 Contemporary Custom Cabinet, or the Avatar G412 Vintage Custom Cabinet?

Which would be better considering the head choice and my musical style?

Avatar is looking like a front runner right now, right price and good specs...anyone have any stories or further recommendations regarding Avatars product?
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I played my 6505+ through my mate's Orange PPC412 with V30's on the weekend and it was amazing. The V30's just bring out the Peavey's mid range growl so well
i used a mesa 2x12 with my 5150 and it sounded awesome. pretty much any nice cab with vintage 30s is going to sound good. mesa, orange, avatar, etc. yes there will be differences, but you can't really go wrong with those three.
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