So I'm thinking about trading my Telecaster (2000 Amer Std) for a Gibson SG Raw Power because the SG is a lot closer to the types of music that I actually play. From what I've seen from pics, it looks like it's in good condition and I'm meeting up with the SG owner tomorrow so we can both play the instruments and decide. What I'm wondering is if the guitars have similar value and if that SG Raw Power is good for thrash metal/prog type stuff?

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how many all maple SG's have you heard?

i mean, most of them are made from mahogany or walnut.

try it and see what you think, i'd put the value of the tele a little higher than that SG.

good luck.

edit: also for metal i wouldn't want alnico "57 classic" pups. but ymmv.
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id say ur strat is worth more
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id say ur strat is worth more

id say ur reeding skilz r falty.

he has a tele.
Tele is def worth more. And if you change the pickups to some EMGs or Seymore Duncans it'd be great for some types of prog. Just my two cents though :/
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I own, and play an SG, and want a Tele. But I would not give up my SG for anything, including a Tele. You want both! They are unique and very different, and both well worth the "price of admission". Save more, work harder, and own both! You won't be dissatisfied!
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Agreed! Everyone needs a Tele and an SG. Also, a Les Paul and a Strat.

I dunno, a strat and a les paul, forsure, a tele, maybe but not really, an sg, nah, quite possibly the least nice looking popular guitar

however, everyone needs a v, mmhhmm
I have a RGA42FM so I already have that Strat style guitar for metal, so I thought it would be cool to have a 24.75 scale guitar. I'm confused about the 'classic' pickups. They make me thing vintage when I hear the name but lots of reviews say the SG has a lot of bite to it. That and the guitar is called "Raw Power". I'm not sure if they're classic in the typical sense but I guess we'll have to see.

I know my Tele may be worth a little more but I think his SG is in a little better condition. I really like the idea of a maple fretboard on an SG with a pure natural finish too.

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i was really impressed with the LP raw power i tried a while back, i really dug it. nice guitar. i don't know about your market, but that tele isn't worth $600 here if it were to be on CL. and SG standard and the like are going for maybe $700 +/-.

however if you feel yours is worth more, ask him to throw you $50 in addition to the SG.

bottom line, own what you like most. if you go and play his and you are happier with his guitar, that is the way to go.