Sorry if wrong forum wasnt sure where to post.

I want to know how people are always so easily improvising scales. I do it, sounds like a jumbled mess of notes. I know ive read that alot of people just use scales, but "improvise" over them. Im not sure how to do this. The only scale I know is the blues scale ;

(this is the way I know it, which ive been told is wrong??? wtf)

I dont understand how people can improvise on a scale. Wtf do you even start? I try to use it in relation to things I already know, so maybe I could learn that way. For instance, I noticed just by ear that Jump In The Fire by Metallica uses the blues scale. The way they used it was just genius even though it may seem simple to some. Because I dont think I can make badass unique riffs out of scales that millions of people already know. Ive been playing 3 years now, most people that know me say im a "pro" guitarist. I know im not, especially when im not able to understand the basics of music theory. I feel the urge to learn more, just dont know where to start. especially with scales and theory

EDIT: If it helps to know, I plan on attending college later this year. Just a local university, but they do have a guitar teacher and classes for it and stuff. I was planning on major/minor in it. But what do you recommend I should learn/practice BEFORE attending this school?
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go to 12bar.de, at the very least it has a scale generator which will help get you out of just knowing the blues scale. if you take some time to read all the tutorials it'll probably be more helpful
all you can do is practice really, and listen to some miles davis. It's a skill that comes by linking your knowledge of the scales with the emotions of the song and a lot of trial and error. My jazz teacher used to make us do one note solos and add tones for every run through a blues progression, it may seem boring, but you just need to get creative with it.
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Check this site out guys...its one of those sites that actually helps....taught me how to improvise very well.

Don't listen to whoever told you that the way you play the blues scale is 'wrong'. There are many variations on the scale and so long as it encompasses the right notes (which yours does) then it's a blues scale. As for improvising, try experimenting with the scale by playing individual notes and going from one to another seeing what sounds good.