this is probably a vary silly thing to ask but would it be possible to put a 7 string guitar pickup
in a 6 string guitar? if so how would it sound?
I'd say so. It's have to be a blade or rail type. If you have one with pole pieces i'd have to sit off to the side a bit and that'd look crap.
It would sound like a six string assuming you mindlessly made the pick up slot bigger to fit it.
not sure if it would fit
and if it did the pole peices would be off
unless you got a blade pick up
why would you want to though since most 7 string pick ups come in 6 string versions
It would work but I wouldn't recomend it. You would have to rout the body of the guitar in order to make the pickup fit and as a general rule 7 string pickups don't sound as good. There are technical problems caused by the long coils in a 7 string pickup. It's possible to work around them but few pickup companies have put in the legwork to actually fix the problems due to the fact that there are not THAT many 7 string players.
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