Hi all! I'm a beginner and I really want to get into classical guitar playing. I've been looking at classical guitar performances and I've noticed that sometimes the guitarists "wiggle" their finger on a note, as if to emphasize or sustain that note. What exactly does that "wiggle" do? It's not exactly a vibrato, because they aren't pulling up or down on the string, but it seems like they are wiggling the finger left to right (I might be wrong about this).

Also, do you all have any tips on how to sing while playing the guitar? I simply cannot do it to save my life. Any baby steps to help me get started will be greatly appreciated.

Well you said yourself you're a beginner, so the best advice i could give you is to just practise. You'll get there don't worry.

As for the "wiggle". I've seen it done by players like Steve Vai etc, and i don't listen to too much classical guitar, so i don't really know what exactly it is. I assume it's just another type of vibrato.
It's akin to the way vibrato is performed on bowed string instruments such as violin, though the effect is somewhat diminished due to the fact that a guitar has frets.
Thanks for the replies! Yeah I've been experimenting with the wiggling, and to be honest I can't really hear the vibrato. I'll just have to keep on playing till I get it.

Another question: Does anyone know of any beginner flamenco songs? I love the way latin guitarists play, with all that big hand sweeps and stuff, and I'd love to get into that too.
Just noticed there was a Acoustic/classical section of the forum. Sorry for posting in the wrong section. If somebody would move my thread, it'd be greatly appreciated.
It's vibrato and it can get very violent if you know how to treat it (of course, it won't be as violent as a rock or blues vibrato but you can get quite aggressive vibrato from it).

It does help sustain a little bit but for the most part, it's used to emphasise a note rather than prolong the note's sustain.

I wouldn't really know where to start with flamenco though, sorry.

As for singing while playing, your body should be totally relaxed before starting to practice singing/playing at the same time. You can start off strumming crotchets (quarter notes) then singing different note values over that then start strumming quavers (eighth notes) then singing different note values over that.

^You should get the idea from there, then you switch it around and stuff, combine different note values together and find out a couple different strumming patterns that many songs use then start getting used to speaking and singing over it at the same time.
Quote by rsmith831
Also, do you all have any tips on how to sing while playing the guitar? I simply cannot do it to save my life. Any baby steps to help me get started will be greatly appreciated.!

Hah I have been there! I'm hardly any kind of guitar pro, and its a continuous learning process, but I always sing when I play. I like to sing and I find it helps to motivate me.

In my experience, if you have a certain chord progression you're trying to follow while singing, try strumming each chord only once.

The problem with singing and strumming is that you're trying to ask your mind to do two things at once and it's tough to learn. So give yourself a little time to learn. Sing whatever song you like, and only strum once when the chord changes so you get the feel of the song down. Once you do that, picking up a better strumming pattern to fit into the song will come, because you already know the chord placements in the song.

I hope that made some sense. Good luck!