last week i just had my second musical venture fail within a couple of months. its either nobody is dedicated, or that we can't find a common time.

i am really irritated how this one went. we were kind of a hybrid between rock and blues, with more emphasis on blues. full band minus singer, and we just jammed, hour plus blues rock jams, taking turns going back and forth on leads, it was seriously awesome and i have jammed with some really good guitarists.

and now for some reason i am just lacking in the motivation dept. i just cant seem to pick it up and have the right notes come out.

Guitar Center's King of the blues is coming up and i want to be at my best. i won the first slot and lost in the store finals last year, and i want to at least reclaim what i did.

i rarely have these slumps.

so if you are on a slump, what do you do to break out of it?
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What you need to do is clear your mind, relax. It might be hard, but remember, this is trivial compared to your life as a whole. It might mean something now, but might be meaningless when looking back on it in the future. The fear of the negative out come is what is making you over think what you are putting out with your guitar. The out come that is good or bad could both happen, and no matter which one occurs, you will still be here with your guitar. Remember that making mistakes, those bad outcomes, are what makes the successes that much better. Life is ups and downs, enjoy all of it.
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