Hi, I am on a low budget and looking for a practice amp that is good for death metal. The roland cube 40xl is cheap and the reviews that I have read are good. Whats your opinion? Any other amp I should buy?
And would I hear a difference if I installed a emg 81 into my alexi 200 while I was using a solid state amp?? HELP!!
well first off, i dont think the metal forum would get you heaps of good responses. you should probs head down to the Electric Guitar Forum place but yeah emg 81's are great pickups. i wish i had myself a pair, but yeah, you should go to a store and actually test this amp you speak of. so you can get a good idea of the sounds.
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If your using a Cube don't bother with changing the pic ups. A hot pick up wont make much difference.

If you want a practise amp for metal. Look at something like the Blackstar HT series. You can buy them in anything from 1 watt to 100 watts. The parts than matter tone wise are all valve so you get a proper valve tone from it.
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I use my Micro Cube to record. The Rectifier setting is pretty nice. The only thing I don't really like is that the tone doesn't sound that good without reverb on. If you plan on doing a lot of leads with the reverb all the way up, then it would be a good buy. You will be sacrificing rhythm tone though. It could be a little different with it being a higher wattage amp though.

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The only proper application of that amp i've ever seen is Seasick Steve. Having owned a MicroCube in the past, that had awful distortion, but i'm gonna guess this is a bit better.