Sounds like garage rock with a slap in the face with alternative.
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First off, maybe it was just me, but this was very, very loud. Great track. I heard a little bit of clipping in a few parts, but it wasn't too noticeable. I like the way everything is panned out. Track seems a bit generic though. The drums seem to be lacking something...maybe they need to be more aggressive and 'punchy' since it's a punk song. The guitars sound a bit thin. Awesome track though. I liked the abrupt ending.

Crit for crit when you have some time?
Is good or bad lol. Any suggestions? I'm going for something out of my typical Metalcore ballpark.
It's good, but you might want to incorporate other techniques/genre styles into the track to make it less generic. It's seems to be missing something, but i'm not too sure what's missing.
Well I plan for the vocals to carry the song a bit, kind of poppy. Then I'll add more and maybe make a change in feel during the bridge section.
Punk is not a form of music, it's a mentality. If you say you make a "punk-ish" song I cannot help but wonder if you know what punk is actually about. It's more than just a certain sound.
I Like it. It sounds proper punky to me, I think its the third change from the start (when it goes to bass and drums i think) could be extended a bit before you come back with the guitar and maybe try and get a phatter bass sound for that bit so like the bass and drums carry it. Apart from that structually it sounds the right amounts for a "punk" song as in kinda capdown, metalcore kinda feel.

If you get you wouldnt mind criting one of mine would be really great!
Thanks for the comments guys. But about the guy who said punk is not a form of music blah blah blah.

Yes it is. Get over yourself.
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nope, you can't put punk into a sound scheme

Punk is a belief, but punk rock is a sound style, style of production ethic and lyrical foundation...so yeh, you can have punk songs!

Nice song, got a good energy to it. What kind of punk are you thinking of? Who do you listen to?

Main thing I'd say is remove some of the low end of the guitars at around 0:30, it really muddies it up.

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Punk isn't really the style I was going for to be honest. I kinda just wanted write something that's less complex then what I typically write, and with kinda a creepy ( dunno how to describe it) tone.