I'm considering buying an upgrade guitar after I graduate from school. I want a guitar that will be able to play post-rock (Sigur-ros, GYBE, etc....) but I also want to be able to stuff like Opeth, Enslaved, etc...

So basically I want a guitar that can do cleans amazingly yet be able to switch back and forth with distortion. Something also that would be usable for lead guitar (Not Shred)

I had already thought of either a Fender American Standard Stratocaster HSS, a Schecter C-1 Custom or an Ibanez Prestige 1550. Which of these would be best for these styles of music. If their are other out there that are more suited for this, please recommend me.

I use guitar rig 4 and other softwares since I live in an apartment and can't ever use amplifiers.

Thanks in advance.
Well the schecter is a beauty, the fender is most probably gonna have the clean cleans, i've never played that particular ibby. A friend of mine has that schecter though, it sounds amazing both clean and distortionized (yes i know that's not a word)
Okay, I'll probably get hate for this, but...the PRS Paul Allender sig (the OLD model, not the new one - they've changed the pups in the new model and they suck, so buy second hand) has very nice clean tones, and the dirties aren't too shabby either.

and I would go with the schecter, as their cleans are often quite pleasing to my ear, and the dist. is nice too.
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