for my promotion at school i would buy an epiphone les paul black beauty 3. now i have got a jackson electric guitar and a fender acoustic guitar.
in your opinion the guitar i would buy is good to play led zeppelin and guns n'roses??
for less money you could get a standard epi LP which will give you the same sound. you're just paying for gold plating and other cosmetic things with the custom versions.
I had the Black Beauty for a while. I would just go with a Standard or the Traditional Pro. The third pickup makes very little difference in sound. The guitar is the heaviest guitar I've ever played too. I've had that strapped round my neck for about 3 hours on several occasions and I tell you, it's not too fun. Get a Standard. End of. You're wasting your money getting a custom.
Get some other custom than that. The BB 3 pickups are of no use, really. Customs have thinner necks than standards, if my memory serves me right. But if that's no issue, get the standard, maybe with a plus top (maple).
A Custom or a Standard would be perfectly fine. But don't bother with the 3-pickup version unless you're gonna put a six-way switch on it for the pickups.