Hi guys. Im looking for some help and info about using Guitar Rig 4, I have the software installed, everything seems to be there. Can you just plug your guitar into the line in on the comp and mess about with it?. Or do i need to buy a rig kontrol or something ?, Iv looked on the net the info im getting is how to use it. Basicly i want to know how to get the guitar to the computer to use the software. And the cheapest way if poss, Im getting no sound whatever on the guitar at the moment..Any advice would be good guys thanx
You need a USB interface. Depending on where you are you can get them fairly cheap, you need one with a HiZ input for a higher impedance for guitars. Going in through the line in will make it sound awful and you'll have horrible latency.
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Get one of these.

You'll get Pro Tools lite with it too.

I have GR4 with the Rig Kontrol now, but I used to have that Fasttrack and it worked a charm.

When you have a bit more cash you can upgrade to nicer hardware which will give nicer sound.

Also this if that one is too expensive.

But again, the sound quality will be lower.
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So that fastrack one would work well with the Guitar Rig 4 yeah ? That price aint so bad if i can get some decent sound out of it, I looked at the Kontrol one seems a lil expensive at the moment.Thanx for feedback guys, anymore info id appreciate,
Yeah, the Fasttrack is fine. Use some decent headphones with them (I used some £20 Sennhesier studio ones) rather than your desktop speakers because they will sound MUCH better. Or use your amp, but bear in mind that using your am will colour it so in GR take out the amp/cab section.

But with that you will get sound out of it
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