Zendrive 1

Boss super overdrive

Boss super chorus

Ibanez AD-9 delay

BK tube driver - sold

Delux Electric Misstress

Leem footswitch (A/B)

Boss looper - sold

Marshall DSL 401 amp

Marshall Cab - fender speaker (sounds great)

Hughes and Kettner ss combo

16 gb Ipod

Iron gear blues engine pickup (amazing, never used)
Iron gear dirty tourque pickup (Amazing, never used)

Goto Patent Applied For PAF pickups from the 70s

Seymore duncan alnico pro like the ones slash uses



Pedal board case.

All for sale, in the UK. Make an offer, ask questions...
How much for the irongears?
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You don't need epic tone in the bedroom any more than you need mood lighting to masturbate.

Since they are brand new I'd let them go for thirty each since they are £35 new...
How much for the Zendrive?
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Was thinking £110? They're pretty hard to get in the UK as most people who have them want to hold pretty tight on to them. I really don't want to let it go but I am getting married and need the cash. I really don't want to let it go for anything less than that.
How much for the delay??
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Greatest quote of all time?

I think so...
Hey man, could you tell me more about the cab? Also, where are you based?
Quote by Cathbard
You don't need epic tone in the bedroom any more than you need mood lighting to masturbate.

how much for the electric mistress?

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Electric mistress would be £100 ono
Based in midlands.
Cab is avt 1 speaker twelve inches that's a fender speaker sounds much tighter and pronounced with great overall tone.
Delay would be £100 ono.
Prices exclude p & p add five pounds and ill cover the rest.
Please make offers I need to raise £550... I want to get married.
I'll take the super overdrive for £25. i get paid thursday so thats when you'd get the money. whereabouts in midlands you live? pm me or email me at kristianharrington@yahoo.co.uk as i live in gloucestershire so might be able to collect it or meet
Sold zendrive will do free postage to all UK buyers on anything I have left. Will accept any decent offers.so contact ke ASAP..... I'm desperate here
How much for The 401?

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Pm me an offer... Got a cab to match ... They make a lovely pair.

Zen drive and i pod gone.
I didn't ... Turned out to be a scam

I'm desperate here guys .....
Ipod nano sixteen gb in dark grey. I was offered £80 which seems reasonable... Are you interested ? Can I tempt you with any other of my pieces?