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Whats your favourite bass fuzz pedal?

I currently dont own any, but I'm hoping to pick one up soon. I've been looking at the MXR El Grande. Anyone know any other good pedals for more groove/funk stuff? Thanks in advance.

Also, I have an active bass and I've read somewhere that using a fuzz with an active bass is bad. How so?
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Some fuzzes, like the Woolly Mammoth, dont get on with Active basses, and sound horrid, it's generally older style fuzzes that this happens with.
My fave fuzzes are the Wounded Paw Attack Goat and the ol' supercollider!
Im rockin my old Blow Torch atm,but its not really a ful on fuzz,more a mix of fuzz and distortion,and I deffo think Im gonna change it up for something more fuzzy soon...just keepin my eyes peeled for something extra badass
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My bass player uses a Gallien Kruger distortion. I'm not too sure whether it's fuzz or crunch, but it's not too shabby.
I personally use an Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi, and there's a bass version of that which, if anything like it's guitar counterpart, will be amazing.
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I own an Electroharmonix Big Muff Pi. It's a pretty good pedal, gives you everything from soft fuzz to distortion.
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With an active bass you want something with a band eq on it as this really helps, or even if you can match your signal to the input of the actual pedal to make it work better. An MXR blowtorch or wounder paw attack goat would be good.
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I own a Blackouts Effectors Dual Fuzz but it's a bit on the splatty side of fuxx though.
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There's a lot less directly searchable material than I would have thought, since fuzz questions get bundled in with distortion ones or general effects pedals on bass threads I guess. But c'mon, you didn't really search did you?







Start looking at www.bassfuzz.com and go from there, there's a lot of reasonable smaller business stuff that comes from places other than GC or MF and can be a lot more fun, so just searching bass fuzz on a major retailer site is a poor way to start looking for one. Coming here was a good idea though.

The fuzz that gets the most use on my bass board is my GGG-tuned Muff. It comes in a kit from generalguitargadgets, or you can get the blue beard fuzz and it's the pre-built same thing.
I have an odb3, but its not really my thing. Bit too br00tal. Selling it on here if anyone's interested
Gonna get a modded NYC big muff hopefully, again off this site
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Wah pedal.

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I've owned:

-Devi Ever Legend of Fuzz
-Devi Ever Cherry Pop
-EBAudio Supercollider
-Malekko B:Assmaster
-BE Musket Fuzz
-ZVEX Wooly Mammoth
-Chunk Systems Brown Dog
-Sandfordandsonny Bluebeard Fuzz
-EHX Bass Muff
-EHX Black Russian Muff
-EHX Green Russian Muff
-EHX Triangle Muff
-EHX Ram's Head Muff
-WH Swollen Pickel
...and a few DIY Clones

Out of all of those, the only 2 i have now are the EHX Bass Muff and the Bluebeard fuzz. The rest were sold/bartered because they weren't what i needed or wanted in a fuzz.

Fuzzes have a wide variety of tones. Go out and try as many as possible, and spend time with each. Different models have different settings, and different sensitivities.

Good luck, dude!
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I got a EHX Big Bass Muff Pi & a Tech 21 XXL Bass.

The Big Bass Muff is a very good pedal for its price, and with the right setup blends really well within a band setting.
The XXL Bass pedal is pretty good as well, it's a bit more versatile, as you can go from a warm fuzzy sound to a highly aggressive distortion, but loses a bit of 'thickness' compared to the EHX pedal.
I run a boss ds-2 into a big muff,then into a nicely driven tube amp,with a clean signal blended in to retain some low.Very unique sound,I can say.
As for actives,I know my setup sounds horrid with actives.
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ZVex also make the Mastotron, a very similar pedal to the Mammoth which is designed to work with active basses too.
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The Russian Big Muff is amazing with bass. It gives you a superb amount of balls to your sound.